by Sleep Kit

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This record is out as a one sided 12" through Big Scary Monsters Records. Pressing info: 100 x white splatter, 200 x black.

Mainland orders: sleepkitband@gmail.com
UK orders: www.bsmrocks.com/shop


released December 13, 2013

Recorded by Jan Bruschke at the In Vallis studio, Vijlen (NL)
Mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden, San Francisco (USA)
Illustration by Nick Dr Naso



all rights reserved


Sleep Kit Maastricht, Netherlands

Stay together for the Kits.

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Track Name: Tug Of War
Even outside you’re not different from me
Driven by misunderstanding and insecurities
But I tend to forget

Mark the way, on a map
Slanted from A to B, a safe program set

Tug of war, makes my head and shins sore

Floating above my shoes
Forced to practice when alone

If the sidewalk were to turn upside down
Let me fall forever on and on
Maybe I would experience constant excitement
And at the same time feel comfortably numb.
Track Name: Jarred
Break the windshield, plough through my shoes
Indolently, upright
Purloin what isn’t mine to keep, neither yours to have

Valet, ranch hand, blindly you correct me
Numb my face, and flood me
Pulverize my second teeth, close the jar and seal me
Conservator, put me in a cupboard and keep me

A dog yapping in a sweltering car,
An ant performing in the spotlight of a magnifying glass
In past, present, permanent tense.
Track Name: Kronarg Returns Again 3.0.rar
I'm one million days behind from where i could've been
But for now this floor's the limit
Slaying time, watch another hour die
A cloudy head in a smoky room won't clear anything at all

"You'll be fine, you've got luck on your side."
I'd rather sit here and watch another world just fall apart and then try again.

Gathering memories to burn them later
The glass has always been empty
I'm done, but still not ready to begin
Is this what i expected? is this what you expected?
Everything's so unspectacular
Track Name: Sleep Kit
Hang “me” out to dry where the air is stifling and thick
Let “me” stretch the clothesline, moisten the park bench, bend the fence
When the self is intangible, the film is nonexistent

In the face of the final spotlight, I say
‘Adieu, tot nooit meer ziens’
Under swelling applause, the theatre closes its doors and crumbles

“You” were the sunshine of my life, now crush me
For the last time, kiss “me”, say goodnight
Bury the puppet, let the trees’ roots hold it tight

If only I could wait for “me”.
Track Name: Je Ne Sais Pas, Aue
Head high, knee deep
Too tired to talk, too awake to sleep
And i keep telling myself that it is just a phase
But these neon lights will keep me warm

Once more, i've seen
That what we were is nothing to be
But I kept telling myself that it was just a phase
These neon lights will leave me cold

So i swing myself to another night, and hang through the day.